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General presentation of luggage service

Planning to go on a trip, you want a new luggage? Valigo algerie ensure you great and easy trips with its ABS sets in an affordable price. Our hard shell cases are ideal for all kinds of travel cause they are both practical and fashionable in a way you will absolutely like it ‼
We Valigo algerie are pride ourselves in having different sets that will surely meet your travel requirements. Our product are manufactured in the company’s Algerian manufactories, it is made of ABS material which gives them the lightweight feature, and protects your belongings from bumpy rides, falls, scratches, and the weather, so you will not be disappointed in these regards. However, it is not just the light weight nature of the frame that makes Valigo algerie luggage a winner. The four 3d spinner wheels make of it a perfect smooth trolley, Getting around with this bag is effortless and painless. We also have luggage with retractable handle adjusts easily to various heights.
The inside of the bag can stuff a considerable amount of clothes in an organized way due to mesh interior dividers. In addition, the tie-downs are easy to reach to firmly secure your belongings. Another great feature of this bag are the combination integrated Locks.
Lastly, your luggage is a reflection of your style and personal taste, so it’s important to make the right choice when picking up one. Thus, our luggage is a must for those travelers that like to be stylish. You can select from our different designs and colors including, champagne color, metallic gray, gold, white, beige and canary green.

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OEM service stands for Original Equipment Manufacturing is a form of manufacturing contract, which basically means that a factory will manufacture products according to your unique designs and specifications, and the product can be branded under another brand or company.

Valigo Algerie provide OEM service to all kinds of customers, such as, airline companies, railway companies, apparel industry, fashion service and others. We produce various items such as suitcases and trolley luggage, women bags and shoes. Our OEM service is based on high quality, advanced technology and unique developing ability, we are confident to provide you with products meeting all of your requirements.
All what the clients need to do is to research and develop the product following the market demands, provide the designs and specific documentation, and then you are ready to come to our OEM factory. Our OEM will handle all the manufacturing on your behalf.
  • Good service
  • Quality control
  • Reliable
  • Flexible management
  • Reasonable prices
  • Free taxes
Eport luggage

export SERVICE

SARL VALIGO dedicate our service to clients abroad. Our products are already introduced in many foreign markets; we manage our goods exportation with CMA, SMC and SOCO shipping containers. Export is the transfer of products and/or services intended to be marketed and sold on the foreign market. A distinction is made between totally importing companies, the sale of which concerns all of its production, and partially importing companies, the transfer of which concerns rather part of its production. Like any special scheme, imports are subject to various formalities. In order to be eligible, the importing company will have to pay customs fees and submit import licences. In order to leave the customs territory of the Community, each good must be the subject of a customs declaration. The importation shall be accessible to any natural or legal person carrying out normal commercial operations. It must have a unique Community identifier number called Economic operator Registration and Identification (EORI). It shall be activated at the customs office in the region of the head office of the future importing undertaking. All importers must follow the following procedures :

Undertakings carrying out customs clearance operations in Algeria or in another Member State must be registered EORI where:

  • they are established in Algeria;
  • they are established in one country outside the African Union, if they are not already registered in another Member State of the African Union. On the other hand:
  • Undertakings whose head office is established in another Member State must be registered in that Member State;
  • Individuals not carrying out activities in connection with customs legislation shall not have an EORI number.


Duties and taxes due on imports of goods and on removal from the suspensive tax system of consmitic products shall be payable in cash, that is, the means of payment must be filed at the same time as the declaration of import or release for consumption.
However, by providing security for the removal credit, you may be allowed to:

  • pay duties and taxes,
  • and to remove the goods as and when the verifications are carried out, and before payment of the duties and taxes due.
  • The amount, the terms and the expiry date of the collection credit granted are thus determined in connection with customs revenue.
  • The establishment of a guarantee thus allows a deferral of your payments.
  • The liquidations of duties and taxes guaranteed by a collection credit are summarised on a credit slip.
  • When setting up your removal credit, the credit slips can be created according to different periodicities: daily, decadal or monthly.
  • The latter must be settled in their entirety at maturity; no partial payment of credit slip is possible. Credit slips must be paid by electronic payment, that is to say by inter-company SEPA levy, regardless of their amount.

Your institution’s credit slips can be accessed through the EDDI NG online service (New Generation Internet Reporting Statements), provided that you have been previously authorised to use it.
The EDDI NG online service enables you to consult, edit and export the following accounting statements: daily, monthly and decadal statements. The history of the last six months is available.

Using a customs declaration number, the AUBETTE online service provides real-time access to the following information:

  • the status of an electronic declaration deposited in the DELTA online clearance service: obtaining or not obtaining the BAE (Removal Voucher);
  • BAE or “release” is the authorization for the removal of goods issued by the office following the processing of the declaration and any control;
  • the ECS status of the declaration: "ECS in progress" or "ECS out" in particular;
  • whether or not it is valid as proof of the status of Union goods for trade with territories with different taxes;
  • the customs clearance office for the lodging of the declaration.

Temporary storage of the goods is the waiting situation for the non-Union goods between their presentation to customs (communication to the customs authorities of the arrival of the goods) and the assignment of a customs procedure, or in the absence thereof, re-export.Placing in temporary storage requires the issue of an authorization or authorization by the customs. Storage time is limited in time and suspends payment of duties, taxes and foreign trade measures.

As a guide, the mandatory data of the customs declaration relate to:
the name or business name of the importer/exporter, the declarant or the representative if different from the importer/exporter,
the type of declaration determined by the origin of the goods,
the origin of the goods,
the nature of the goods,
and their value excluding taxes.

Apart from public policy documents (DOP), the systematic production of supporting documents is not required by European regulations.However, the declarant must be in possession of these documents at the time when he files his declaration and must be able to present them to customs officers in the event of checks. This may include, in particular, the invoice or any other document necessary to grant preferential tariff treatment and to apply measures to control certain goods on importation (agricultural products falling within the scope of the Common Agricultural Policy - CAP, the military, quotas, etc.)

If the declarant does not have certain documents (excluding DOP) at the time of the customs declaration, he may ask the customs for permission to produce them at a later date. In this case, he will have to put in place a bank guarantee and produce the document within the deadlines set by the service (procedure known as "D48").
Details on how to complete the customs declaration can be found in this fact sheet.

The Customs Service Information Call Centre (IDS) answers your questions about all areas of expertise of Algeria customs: formalities to be carried out during a trip, goods that you can take back in your luggage, or any useful information for your import-export company.

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