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Presentation of VALIGO Algeria products

Valigo has specialized for more than 13 years in the development of demonstration cases for product enhancement during commercial demonstrations. Our presentation cases can be used for promotional purposes, to package your products or to present your samples via a suitable support. Many ranges of marketing kits are available on our site, all this in order to offer you products adapted to your request and your requirements. You have the opportunity to choose the same model in several colors, with specially designed designs and thought to enable you to succeed in your marketing operation in the best conditions. Thanks to a polypropylene composition, our product presentation cases offer unparalleled shock protection while forming a barrier against chemicals. The quality of our materials also gives you the opportunity to print silkscreen, an asset not to be overlooked in the customization of your briefcase presentation. Valigo offers quality demonstration cases to reinforce the image of your products. Your sales force is equipped with a professional commercial presentation case to market your products while ensuring optimal protection against shocks.

the step of manufacturing suitcases

first step: suitcase template configuration :

In the beginninge our adventure on the model, or we choose:

  • the wheels;
  • handles;
  • skates;
  • the trolley;
  • the handles of the bag;

The size of the suitcase, whether you want a cabin suitcase or checked luggage, we have the luggage size you want! and finally the color of the hull 100% polycarbonate. Of course, do not forget the stickers to complete our suitcase. Fun patterns, the flag of a country, or one of your personal photos, anything is possible!

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VALIGO Algérie

second step: suitcase assembly

Once your order is received, our entire team is set up to assemble and customize your bag as soon as possible. First we take the shell that you have selected according to its color and size Then we assemble one by one, by hand, each of the pieces you want.  The final touch comes at the time of printing your sticker and its pose.

Third step: storage of suitcase

As soon as your suitcase is finished, we pack it with the utmost care, so that his first trip goes without a hitch.
The delivery takes place as soon as possible after your order, a fast delivery time for a single product.

VALIGO Algérie

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